Who we are

ISOTOP-4-LIFE: THE Radiopharmaceutical HUB

A unique network of Industrials & Academics dedicated to the use of Radioisotopes for Health.

ISOTOP-4-LIFE is the first consortium dedicated to Radioisotopes applications which aims to mutualise and coordinate skills and actors concerned by the use of radioisotopes for health in order to overcome hurdles to innovation in the radiopharmaceutical domain.

ISOTOP-4-LIFE is a one-stop offer providing R&D, technology transfer and industrialisation capacities. It is also a commercial coordination offer with an identified gate for Pharmaceutical industry.

The general vision of ISOTOP-4-LIFE is to associate Industrials & Academics in order to:

  • overcome hurdles to innovation by reducing the gap between research and clinical applications,
  • select and validate biomolecules integrating preclinical and clinical evaluation tools at very early stage,
  • promote personalized medicine to adapt the right treatment and the right dose to the right patient,
  • accelerate R&D on radioconjugates for diagnosis and therapy providing a whole chain value,
  • facilitate transfer to patient with the production of small batches for clinical evaluation and radiopharmaceutical production for multi-sites clinical trials,
  • optimize quality, safety and radioprotection by using innovative radioprotection and injection devices,
  • spread the knowledge via teaching, conferences, international expert networks,

The main goal of ISOTOP-4-LIFE is to facilitate the use of Radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.