Centre of Research and Preclinical Investigation (C.R.I.P.) is an emerging structure within ONIRIS. offering a wide range of experimentation services which is unique in Europe. On a single site, a complete offer in animal experimentation is proposed, trom guidance and access to evaluation tools to the complete organization of preclinical tests in the fields of animal health, human health and compared pathology (animal models)


ONIRIS/BOISBONNE has a policy of setting up technical and methodological platforms to be used by internal and external research units as well as the local industry. Centre of Research and Preclinical Investigation (C.R.I.P.) focuses on research dedicated to biomaterial, metabolic diseases, and cancerology. This includes experimental animal unit, experimental surgery, medical imaging and functional exploration (Scintigraphy, MRI, Scanner, PET Scan) as well as an array of methods for biological and morphological analysis. It aims to provide PET images in Monkeys.

Available equipments:

C.R.I.P. aims al answering the needs of institutional research teams or R&D departments in pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies by gathering all the means and skills which are necessary to carry out their preclinical studies. This offer involves 3 scientific and technological sectors over 7 platforms and dedicated animal houses with a view to answer the most varied demands.