The Centre René Gauducheau has become, since January 2011, the Cancer Institute of the West. It comes from the merging of the Rene Gauducheau (Nantes) and Paul Papin (Angers). L'Institut West Oncology (ICO) - Rene Gauducheau is a member of the National Federation of Centers for the Fight Against Cancer which includes 20 French centers.


ICO/CHU associates 2 anti-cancer centres + 2 University Hospitals with 21 employees dedicated to Nuclear Medicine performing more than 17,000 scintigraphies/year, more than 3,500 PET activity/year & more than 300 targeted radiotherapy treatments/year (thyroid cancer, neuro-endocrine tumor, liver tumor, bone metastases, neuroblastoma…). In addition they have 30 to 40 on going clinical trials: assessment of new tracers for Nuclear Medicine, PET imaging and therapy in oncology (RIT). Hematology and Oncology departments are accredited for early clinical trials in oncology with all authorizations for clinical research in Nuclear Medicine.